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Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Your interest in KingDeLong is much appreciated. By choosing KDL, you are subject to the following guarantees.
1. Everything on our catalogue is in stock. Our 12 million square meter warehouse is filled with readily available products, effectively reducing delivery times while minimizing price fluctuation.
2. Clients can order with confidence. Within 14 days of arrival, all quality related issues are compensated, ASAP.
3. Real-time quotes are available for raw material pricing. This information allows customers make purchases during the most opportune time-frame.
4. Data on new products are readily available, notifying our clients of current world trends.
5. Payment conditions are negotiable, based on the credibility of our clientele. Through compromises, we can achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

Please contact us with inquiries. Our service hotline is available 24/7.

    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
    2. Stainless Steel Wire MeshWe are a skilled manufacturer specialized in producing woven wire mesh and wire cloth. The material of the products mainly involves stainless steel, brass and phosphor bronze, silver, iron and more. The detailed information about the stainless steel product including materials, weaving patterns and dimension is listed as below.
    1. Brass Wire Mesh
    2. Brass Wire MeshAs the result of the good performance of resistance to rust and salt, the brass wire cloth is very suitable for application in the marine and outdoor environment. It is the perfect netting for making gasoline filter and basket of electropolishing. The product has stronger strength than that made of copper or bronze.
    1. Decorative Series
    2. Decorative SeriesThe decorative series of wire mesh is commonly called metal mesh
    1. Gabions
    2. GabionsThe product filled with stones at the site can be employed to form the flexible, permeable and monolithic structure for use as retaining wall, sea wall, channel lining, revetment and weir to achieve earth retention. The product filled with soil or sand is often applied in civil engineering, road building and military application.
    1. Perforated Metal
    2. Perforated MetalWhen you select the plank stuff of the perforated metal plate, you'd better consider the two aspects of actual application demand and product cost both. For example, if you want to reduce the thickness of the board, then the preferable material is alloy whose price is a little higher.
    1. Chain Link Mesh Belt
    2. Chain Link Mesh BeltThe chain link mesh belt is produced through crocheting with the mesh opening of rhombic shape. It is nice and practical. The weaving pattern is concise.
      Our company is a China-based chain link mesh belt manufacturer and supplier. We also provide insect window screen, PVC coated wire, brass wire mesh, metal mesh fence, sack gabions, and much more.